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Payroll Tip: Check Your Worker Classifications

Check Your Prevailing Wage Worker Classifications When is a laborer not a laborer? Potentially, when they’re an equipment operator — or working as anything else, for that matter. That’s because when agencies look for prevailing wage compliance, they aren’t necessarily looking at job titles. Instead, they want to know workers are being classified and paid […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Review Pre-Check Reports

Construction offices know how invaluable good payroll reports are — whether that’s for keeping track of accruals through the year, reprinting an earnings history or filing W-2s — but what about pre-payroll reporting? Pre-check reports that let you view the effect of a payroll run on your accounting before you finish processing it are often overlooked. Meanwhile, contractors stand to gain […]

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Payroll Tip: Watch Out for Multi-State Payroll Tax Issues

Watch Out for Multi-State Payroll Tax Issues Let’s say your company is based in State A but you win a job in State B. You send your crew over, and they send back their timecards. Which state do you need withholdings for, and how much of each state’s payroll tax do you have to pay? […]

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