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Automating Pay Rates & Other Information

Automated payroll service for the construction industry

In a given pay period, a construction business owner can have employees working in multiple states and localities. They could be working on multiple jobs…all with varying pay rates. Keeping track of different pay rates for all the employees on a given crew manually can be incredibly difficult!

But using a construction-specific payroll service can make it easy.

When entering time, contractors simply need to specify which job employees are on, and their pay rates will default in automatically. This is based on the job and the trade (e.g. foreman, apprentice, etc.). This is especially useful when contractors have employees on multiple jobs in multiple localities—even multiple states! Another example: difference in pay rates for employees who work on prevailing wage jobs in comparison to their standard rates.

And it gets even more complex. Fringes may be built into the pay rate which further complicates manual tracking. Luckily, using a construction-specific automated payroll service means that all of these calculations are automated in the background, so contractors can enter time without having to worry about entering the wrong pay rate.

A construction-specific automated payroll service will also allow for other types of automation. For instance, instead of entering workers’ compensation classes for each employee, each job, and each task, many services allow workers’ compensation to be automated based on the state, the task, and more. By simply clocking in an employee, the workers’ comp. class will default in, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

And with all that automation, contractors have more time to focus on running—and growing—their construction companies!