It's Not You. It's Your Spreadsheets.

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Your spreadsheets may have worked for you in the past, but it’s OK to move on to better. Find what you’ve been missing with Payroll4Construction, a full-service processor built for construction.

Don’t settle for outdated spreadsheets that make your job harder than it has to be. Payroll4Construction simplifies your payroll process with all the features contractors need, like:

  • Multiple rates, states and trades on a single timecard
  • Automated reports, including multiple print and electronic certified payroll, union, EEO, new hire and more
  • Automatically calculate prevailing wage, union fringes and more
  • Go mobile to sync timecards and signatures from field to office
  • Full integrations with popular accounting software, including FOUNDATION®, QuickBooks® and more!
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Raise your payroll standards with the help of the #1 payroll service for contractors, Payroll4Construction.

I couldn’t be happier. I’m just looking forward to running payroll. It makes life easy.

Tama Salvaggi, Office Manager, Bechter Plumbing, Inc.