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Certified Payroll and Construction Reporting Available from

Increase efficiency and save time with Certified Payroll and Construction Reporting

When it comes to Certified Payroll and construction payroll, reporting is essential. Whether it’s tracking labor costs; submitting required certified payroll reports; handling complex union reporting; tracking workers’ compensation; or any other number of needs, reporting remains a critical aspect to running a successful construction business.

Construction-specific payroll services offer a variety of reporting options as a standard part of the payroll service. Like job labor reports that help contractors see where they stand.  Or Certified Payroll reports for contractors performing prevailing wage work, and Union Reporting & Tracking for union contractors.  In fact, many services offer New Hire, EEO Minority Compliance, Workers’ Compensation reporting options to contractors.

The advantages of having these instant reporting options available?  For starters, it increases efficiency and saves time.  It also allows contractors to better track their labor costs, and opens up new job opportunities.  And maybe most importantly, it gives contractors the information they need to continue to grow their businesses.