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Certified Payroll CAN Be Made Easy!

Find a Certified Payroll Partner

Contractors doing government-sanctioned work know that creating Certified Payroll reports manually can be difficult.  In fact, many contractors may be avoiding prevailing wage projects because of the reporting requirements.

But there are easier ways to automate the creation of Certified reports. Outsourcing payroll is one such way.

In fact, some construction-specific payroll services can automatically generate these reports in a variety of formals: the federal WH-347, state-specific formats, even electronic Certified formats that need to be uploaded through LCP Tracker. Even better is to find the provider that archives all historical Certified Payroll reports for instant access—even if the quarter or year is closed or can retroactively create certifieds, so nothing is ever lost.

Another item to consider is that the requirements for Certified Payroll reporting are constantly changing. So it’s important, if you do outsource, to find a payroll provider that will stay on top of the task of making these changes and adding additional formats.

Who said payroll couldn’t be easy?!