We Love Working With CPAs

Having worked in the construction industry for over 30 years, we know the value of the relationship between a contractor and their CPA. That’s why we feel it’s our job to develop tools, programs and services to help that relationship prosper.

How We Help Your Construction Clients

We don’t have to convince you. CPAs know payroll is one of the toughest things their construction clients deal with. They’ve got prevailing wage rates, union fringes, different trades and tax jurisdictions, and the list goes on. That’s why we created Payroll4Construction – to automate construction payroll so that contractors and their CPAs can focus on the bigger picture. View a full list of features.

Quick and Flexible Timecard Entry

Because employees can work in different trades, states, and cities (all in a single timecard), timecards can be both problematic and time-consuming. Payroll4Construction makes things easy by automating pay rates and taxes for as many trades, jobs, and jurisdictions as your clients need.

Free Construction Reporting

From workers’ comp to certified payroll, the reporting required of your construction clients can be overwhelming. If your clients create reports in-house, they’ll spend hours compiling data, and yet you’ll often find errors. Payroll4Construction will save both you and your clients time by providing prompt, accurate reporting for each pay period. We’ll even take care of year-end forms like W-2s. View construction reporting options.

Easily Manage Prevailing Wage Payroll

You’ve helped your clients with prevailing wage and you know how complex it can get. Payroll4Construction automates prevailing wages so the correct pay rates and fringes default automatically. Certified payroll reports are ready at the click of a button, so in addition to saving your clients time, we’ll also save them money by reducing fringes based on hourly or per-pay costs.

Payroll for Union Shops

If union payroll is key for your clients, Payroll4Construction can help with its union-friendly features. We’ll take care of union wage and tax calculations, plus fringes and deductions no matter how complex the situation. We’ll even ensure your clients stay compliant with union wage reporting, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Resources for CPAs