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Payroll Service Providers that Eliminate Spreadsheets

Payroll service providers simplify construction payroll

Did you know that doing your construction payroll doesn’t have to involve using spreadsheets full of intricate formulas?

Many contractors find their staff spending hours calculating complex payrolls–prevailing wage, union, etc. They try to outsource their payroll to a big name service provider. It seems to work for awhile, but when it comes down to it, not all payroll services are equipped to handle the nuances that construction payroll brings. They then revert back to manually calculating certain aspects of the payroll and producing necessary reports via spreadsheets. They don’t think there’s another option.

But there is!  There are payroll service providers devoted solely to construction that are built to handle all your construction complexities:

  • Handling multiple states, localities, jobs, and pay rates
  • Automatic construction reporting:  certified payroll, workers’ comp., EEO minority compliance, union reporting & tracking, and more
  • Integration with your accounting software
  • Expert service from people who understand construction payroll

Try searching online for construction-specific payroll services. Ask around to local associations and fellow contractors about what they use.  You’ll be surprised how much time (and how many headaches) you can save by switching to payroll service providers just for your industry.