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How Contractors Can Save Time on Payroll Processing Tasks

Outsourcing to a payroll services provider to increase efficiency

Ever considered outsourcing payroll to a third-party? Outsourcing to a construction payroll services provider can save substantial time. It also allows you to direct staff resources in other important business areas. Many times, services go beyond just cutting checks and filing taxes. They act as your company’s representative when tax agencies have questions on what you’ve done.

Payroll services make actual timecard entry easier; may effortlessly handle industry-specific payroll tasks, like multiple states, localities, jobs and pay rates on one timecard; and even offer their own mobile solutions to make entering time from the field seamless.

And if that isn’t enough, payroll services may also offer both convenient methods to import data from third-party time tracking software and integrate with accounting software packages to reduce double-entry and typing errors.

As you can see, outsourcing payroll has the potential to eliminate many hassles, save time, and increase efficiency in your construction office.