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Saving Money on Fringe Benefits

Payroll tax services for construction. There is a better way!

When working on a prevailing wage job or a union job, construction companies are required to pay fringes.  Typically, these companies are also required to track and report fringes separately from wages. But calculating and tracking these fringes manually can be difficult. Especially without a payroll tax service that knows the construction industry.

There are better ways.

Take construction-specific payroll services.  They can automatically calculate fringe distribution and produce the reports contractors need for tracking and more.

Construction-specific payroll tax services also have the ability to integrate with third-party fringe distribution services.  Contractors save money when they sign up with a benefit plan because they are not required to pay taxes on fringes paid to a third-party. Through this integration along with detailed tracking information and reporting capabilities, construction business owners can save time and money, and can always be sure that their employees’ fringes are being distributed properly.