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Four Tips to Help Take the Pain Out of Union Payroll Reporting

Processing payroll is complicated, and adding union requirements to the mix can make the task feel insurmountable. Contractors who work with union employees not only have to worry about tracking on benefit packages, health care, vacation time and 401(k), but they also need to take into account additional deductions or fringes their home union might […]

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E-Verify Is Unavailable, But I-9s Must Go on

During the December-January government shutdown, E-Verify and its services are unavailable according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This temporary downtime affects both employers and employees, but until budget appropriations are resolved, not everything is changed. Employers in construction won’t be able to create or act on E-Verify cases. Because of this, USCIS has […]

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Five Facts on Davis-Bacon Wages Every Contractor Needs to Know

If you’ve ever worked on a government construction project, you’ve probably heard the name “Davis-Bacon.” Or else, those two words might be why you’ve never bid on a publicly funded job. Technically, Davis-Bacon is the name of just one piece of prevailing-wage legislation. However, people often use it to refer to all sorts of prevailing-wage […]

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Payroll Tip: Year-end’s Coming, Get Ready Now!

Year-end’s Coming, Get Ready Now! *Article Updated: 11/13/2018   A lot goes into making every construction payroll run accurate, successful and compliant — especially at year-end. Between ACA information returns, W-2s, end-of-the-year close and holiday bonuses, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few points to keep on your radar. 1. Be […]

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Payroll Tip: Take Back Your Vacation With Structured PTO

Take Back Your Vacation With Structured PTO Still waiting on that vacation? Summer may be winding down, but the holiday season is still in full swing. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the office filling out employee PTO rather than getting your feet wet at the beach, you’re not alone. Managing employee PTO can be […]

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