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Payroll4Construction met and even exceeded our "wish list." … To any company still processing in house payroll, or using another payroll service, you owe it to yourself to look into Payroll4Construction[.com].
— Shane E. Melton, CFO, Capital City Group, Inc.

Construction payroll is tough:

However, there's an easier way: working with us.

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Other Services
Printed checks and direct deposits
W-2s and taxes
Benefits deductions
Payroll reports
Expert support
Job cost reporting
Certified payroll (WH-347 and more)
Multi-state, multi-locality, multi-trade
Automated rates by job, trade and more
Electronic certified payroll submission
ePR.Live integration
Integration with construction partners
Mobile crew and grid timecard entry

Who We Are



Sister company to Foundation Software — an Ode family business and trusted resource for contractors for the past 35 years.



Never outsourced to third-party call centers.

A Fit for Any Size Contractor

A Fit for Any Size Contractor

Union contractors, government contractors, commercial contractors and office staff

"As our business has expanded exponentially over the past year, the service provided by Payroll4Construction[.com] has greatly lightened the administrative burden of payroll on our office. The staff offers superior, prompt guidance and assistance to any and all requests for support "
— Carol Sullivain, Symphony Floors

"We have a very complicated payroll for the simple fact that we are a multi-state, multi-union company... [] has been able to handle this with ease, and I really am happy with the service they have provided to us."
— Doreen Faust, Payroll Supervisor, Dearborn Mid-West Company

"The job reporting is really nice to be able to go in and look up a job range and see how many hours someone worked there. It just makes everything so simple. "
— Tama Salvaggi, Office Manager, Bechter Plumbing Inc.

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