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Payroll Processing that is Generic Creates Disadvantages for Contractors

Contractors often pinpoint payroll processing as one of the biggest burdens of running a construction business.

Payroll processing in-house definitely has disadvantages:

At this point, many contractors outsource to big name, general payroll processing services, but these, too, have disadvantages:

  • Serve multiple industries, not just construction
  • No or limited construction reporting
  • Higher annual costs
  • Lack of personal attention & advice

So what can contractors do?  Luckily, there are payroll services out there that offer all of the basic payroll processing needs, plus construction-specific benefits, like:

  • Automatic Certified Payroll
  • Workers’ Compensation Tracking
  • Job Labor & Job Hours
  • Simple to Complex Job Cost Reporting
  • Multiple Jobs, Localities & Pay Rates
  • Taxable Fringe Management
  • General Ledger Distribution
  • Convenient Direct Deposit
  • Easy & Secure Data Entry
  • Union Reporting & Tracking
  • Processors Who Understand Construction Payroll

Try searching online for a payroll service just for construction.  You’ll be amazed at the time and headaches it could save you!