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“Why Should I Use a Payroll Service?”

Construction payroll service for contractors can help streamline tasks specific to your industry.

When it comes to processing construction payroll, contractors have a couple of options.  They can do it in-house, or they can outsource it to a payroll service.

Many contractors cite payroll as one of their most common pain points…and it’s no wonder!

Processing construction payroll can be incredibly time-consuming…And it only gets worse from there!  Calculating rates for contractors working on multiple jobs in multiple states and localities, government-sanctioned projects, and multiple unions add a whole new list of complications.  Not to mention pay rates, fringes, and reporting.  It’s enough to drive a contractor mad!

But there is a solution…one that could offer big savings to contractors looking for a better ways to handle construction payroll.  And many contractors don’t even know it exists!

Payroll Services for Construction DO Exist

Construction is different from that of any other industry, so why do contractors routinely outsource their payroll to general payroll providers?  While these well-known providers offer the basics—checks, direct deposit, and taxes—they often can’t directly handle the unique complexities involved with processing construction payroll.

This is where a construction payroll service comes in that is specific to the construction industry!  These companies understand the industry and were built to easily handle payroll tasks that come with construction:  fringe benefit management; changing pay rates; required certified payroll reporting; and construction reporting in general.  Maybe most importantly, they keep the office staff sane while saving time and money for the company.