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Introducing P4CNEWS Text Messaging

From TextMarks, a free* text notification service for all clients!

    We’ve recently contracted with TextMark, a text notification service that lets us send text alerts directly to your phone, keeping you informed about all important communications relevant to your payroll processing service:

    • Important Service Alerts
    • Holiday Processing Schedule Reminders
    • UPS Holiday & Deliverability – (Exclusively for clients who use UPS)


    Review the two messaging groups described below, then follow the directions for the one that applies to you. 

    Group Name



    Group Type:

    General News Group

    Specialized UPS shipping + General News Group


    Notifications for clients providing important news/updates. 

    Notifications for clients who use UPS to deliver their checks AND important news/updates.​

    Who Should Sign Up?

    Clients who DO NOT use UPS to deliver their checks.

    Clients who DO use UPS to deliver their checks. 

    Don’t worry, when you join P4CSHIP we’ll also automatically register you for P4CNEWS!

    How Do I Join?

    1. Send a text message to 72345 with the word “#P4CNEWS1”
    2. Answer two simple questions
    3. You’re a part of the General group! It’s that easy!

      1. Send a text message to 72345 with the word “#P4CSHIP”
      2. Answer two simple questions
      3. You’re a part of the UPS group! It’s that easy!

        How Do I Unsubscribe?

        Reply with UNSUB P4CNEWS1 at anytime.

        Reply with UNSUB P4CSHIP at anytime.

        If you encounter an issue and need assistance, text “HELP” to 72345 and you will receive contact information for the support team.

        *Standard text message and data rates may apply. Check with your wireless carrier concerning your phone’s current plan.
        Additionally, please note that prepaid phone plans may have special restrictions to this service.