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Construction payroll is easy with Payroll4Construction. No other payroll provider gives contractors so much while keeping things so simple.

Payroll Processing
Without the Process

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Submit Payroll Data

Run payroll via an easy-to-use online account, or have your crews submit timecards from our mobile app.

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We Do Your Payroll

We do the complex calculations and pay your employees by check or direct deposit. We even handle your tax deposits and W-2s and make sure everything is accurate and on time.
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Get Construction Reports

This is what makes Payroll4Construction special! Construction reports like certified payroll are ready to download right after your payroll is processed.

Standard Payroll Package

Paychecks and direct deposit

Construction reporting (like certified payroll)

Federal, state and local tax filing and W-2s
Unlimited support from construction payroll experts
Integration with QuickBooks®
Job costing and workers’ comp tracking
Plus, we handle and understand all the common construction payroll issues

Everything Contractors Need From a Payroll Service

Construction-Specific Payroll Features
Handles multiple jobs, trades, localities, unions and pay rates automatically.
Free Certified Payroll Reports
That’s right! Your certified payroll reports are created automatically – for FREE.
Unlimited Payroll Support
We’re construction payroll experts, and we love helping construction companies with their payroll.
Common Payroll Issues Solved

If you deal with tough payroll issues like prevailing wages or union compliance, we have you covered.

Mobile Timecard Entry App
Let your crew clock in from the field. It works on all phones, tablets and laptops.
We work how you work. We integrate with HR, accounting and time tracking apps and more.

Add-on Services: Labor Compliance, Fringes and Benefits

Payroll4Construction partners with other great services for contractors. From required compliance tracking to benefits plans, we have you covered! Check out our partners!

Why Payroll4Construction?

Why choose our construction payroll service over other providers? Here’s what make us special:

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For Contractors

The #1 reason contractors go with Payroll4Construction is that it’s a payroll service built just for the construction industry.


We’re a focused, hard- working bunch here at Payroll4Construction, and we really do care about our clients and their payroll.
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See what other contractors have to say about how we’ve changed the way they do construction payroll.
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Other payroll service providers can do generic payroll, but they can’t handle construction payroll like we can.