Why Payroll4Construction?

The Advantages of a Construction Payroll Service

Payroll4Construction is one of the few providers that offers construction-specific benefits alongside standard payroll services:
  • Construction reporting - including certified payroll
  • Handles multiple jobs, localities, unions, trades and pay rates
  • Automated pay rates and fringes
  • Union reporting and tracking
  • Automated prevailing wage rates
  • Support from construction payroll experts
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General Payroll Service

A great option for other industries, but general providers often lack the ability to handle construction reporting or complex union and government requirements. With changing pay rates, trades, jobs and tax jurisdictions, contractors often need more than a general payroll service.
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In-house Payroll

Sure, your office staff can run payroll, but could there be a better way to get the job done? For instance, studies indicate that, on average, 40% of administrative time for a small to mid-sized company is spent on payroll processing. We’ll help you save both time and money.
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Payroll4Construction offers just what contractors need out of a payroll service – time saving construction features, tax savings on fringes, automated prevailing wages, union wage reporting, unlimited support from construction payroll experts, plus free construction reporting.

Who uses Payroll4Construction?

Payroll4Construction is great for contractors with specific payroll needs - like union contractors (with complex union tracking and reporting) and government contractors (with complex reporting and prevailing wage requirements). Our typical customers consist of:

Contractors of All Trades

Highway, excavators, electrical, GCs, mechanicals, masons, etc.

Union and Merit Shop Contractors

Union or not, Payroll4Construction knows the requirements and handles them automatically.

Contractors in all 50 States

We keep up with all state-specific tax and reporting requirements.

Small and Large Contractors

Contractors with a few employees to thousands, with revenues as small as $250,000 to as large as $250,000,000.

Contractors that Tried General Providers

Many of our clients have switched from general payroll providers and are now resting easy, confident that their construction payroll is being handled!

Contractors that did Payroll In-House

Contractors who, prior to Payroll4Construction, handled payroll in-house.

How We’re Different From the Other Guys

Our knowledge of the construction industry and its payroll and reporting requirements is our strength. Unlike generic payroll service providers, we really do understand all the complexities that come with construction payroll. Payroll4Construction actually handles those tough pay rate and fringe calculations and generates certified payroll reports in-house, with software we’ve developed ourselves.