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Payroll4Construction’s sister product, hrHQ, is a human resources management app designed to streamline new hire onboarding and increase self-service opportunities for staff.

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hrHQ Features

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Expanded HR Capabilities

As a cloud-based HR solution, hrHQ acts as a dashboard for HR specialists to manage all employee data.

  • Instant Access — Retrieve protected employee data from anywhere on any device.
  • Free HR Reporting — Generate and create W-4, I-9, EEO, Veteran Status and WOTC files automatically.
  • Centralized Solution — Workforce members can access a secure employee self-service portal.
  • Increase Transparency — Employees can easily gain greater visibility into paychecks and benefits.
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Simplified Onboarding

HR managers can store and track all new employee documents, eliminating manual entry and paper forms.

  • New Hire Onboarding — New hires can easily upload files and documents and retrieve them securely.
  • Maintain Compliance — Monitor and verify all new hire employee’s documentation progress.
  • Digital Document Sign-Off — Verify new hires understanding of company documents with mobile signature.
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Manage Your Current Staff

Increase employee autonomy with a centralized solution for staff members to update personal information.

  • Certification Management — Keep track of trainings with access to employee certifications.
  • Paystub Data Management — Employees get direct access to W-2s, time changes and paystubs.
  • Update Information — Easy-to-use forms to update personal information, PTO requests and 401k withholdings.
  • Performance Reviews — Schedule and track reviews for employees, projects and peers.
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Integration with Payroll4Construction

By pairing these best-in-class products, users can easily exchange employee management data between systems.


  • Employee Data
  • Federal, Local & State Tax Statements
  • Payroll Information
  • Department Logistics
  • PTO Plans
  • Direct Deposit History
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