Tax Filing

Payroll Tax Filing Is a Big Responsibility.

Let us take it off your plate so you can focus on more important things. We’ll calculate your payroll taxes and submit federal, state and local tax documents (including W-2s) to the government.
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Payroll4construction Customers Enjoy These Tax Benefits:


Eliminate Filing Worries

Alleviate the burden and worry associated with taxes. handles your weekly, monthly and quarterly tax deposits; manages tax deadlines; and helps with all filing requirements.

Prevent Common Tax Misconceptions That Lead to Errors

When it comes to taxes, it’s easy to misinterpret regulations. Take for example the payment of state unemployment when you perform work in multiple states. Or consider determining whether to pay resident tax versus work tax. These confusing scenarios can lead to incorrect payments. tax experts understand these intricate construction industry regulations and help to protect you from tax errors.

Avoid Mistakes That Cause Costly Fines and Penalties

Missed deadlines, filing errors, skipped monthly tie-outs, poor tracking, etc. – all of these common mistakes lead to unwanted stress and costly penalties. performs monthly tie-outs to avoid problems at quarter-end, verifies the correct withholdings and performs other safeguards to ensure that your tax filings remain error-free.

Keep Accurate and Secure Records of All Filings

Payroll and tax records are important. keeps detailed records and gives you access to all documentation, so you won’t have to worry about it.