Construction-Specific Payroll

Struggling With These Common Payroll Issues? We’ve Got You Covered.


Certified Payroll Reporting

Without Payroll4Construction, certified payroll reports take hours to prepare. With Payroll4Construction, we capture all the necessary information with every payroll, so certified payroll reports are ready to go as soon as your payroll is processed.

Prevailing Wage – Payroll for Government Contractors

Government contractors can feel secure knowing that Payroll4Construction has extensive experience with the strict compliance and reporting requirements imposed by the Davis-Bacon Act. If you’ve calculated prevailing wages manually, you know how complex construction payroll can get. Payroll4Construction helps you:
  • Automate prevailing wages so the correct pay rates and fringes default for each employee
  • Save money by reducing fringes, based on hourly or per-pay costs
  • Print certified payroll reports in seconds using form WH-347 or other state and agency formats
  • Electronically submit certified payroll reports to the government

Payroll for Union Contractors

If union payroll is key for your company, you’ll love Payroll4Construction’s union-friendly setup and features. The correct wages will always default in for union jobs (even when a contract expires in the middle of a pay period). And home/away logic makes it easy to calculate fringes and deductions when you’re working with a different union hall. Plus, with Payroll4Construction’s free union reports, it’s easy to stay compliant with union wage reporting.

Multiple Jobs and Pay Rates

Processing construction payroll is different from any other industry. Because your employees can work in different trades, states and cities (all in a single timecard), calculating construction payroll can be time consuming. Payroll4Construction makes things easy by automating pay rates and taxes for as many trades, jobs and jurisdictions as you need. You just select the employee and job, and Payroll4Construction does the rest. That’s the advantage of a payroll service built just for construction!