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Our Typical Customer

Payroll4Construction is great for contractors with specific construction payroll needs — like union contractors (with complex union tracking and reporting) and government contractors (with complex reporting and prevailing wage requirements). Our typical clients are contractors of varying trades who simply want to efficiently process payroll, eliminate confusing tax filings and get automated construction reporting.

We work with contractors of all trades and sizes, but there’s one thing that all our construction clients have in common. They talked to us to find out how they could improve their payroll.

If you want to find out whether your company could benefit from Payroll4Construction:

  • call our construction payroll experts today at (800) 949-9620, or
  • send us a note if you’d prefer to talk via email.

Here’s What They Say

Just a quick note of thanks to you and your P4C transition team. Most people will reach out to lodge complaints or grievances, but in this instance I’d like to convey my gratitude. Today was our first payroll processing session using P4C. Thanks to my trainer Jack Kananian, it was a breeze! Jack is excellent at what he does – patient, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly all at once. I needed a bit of extra hand-holding on this payroll launch – Jack was there for me every step of the way. All of us at Veneer would like to thank you for making us feel like we are your only client!

Robin August, Director of Operations, Veneer Restoration and Maintenance, Inc.

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Payroll4Construction is by far the most effective payroll service on the market for our specific needs. After searching long and hard – and even testing several products — the results were all the same. There were many promises of greatness but each and every time the services fell short of really being able to address our needs. Payroll4Construction met and even exceeded our “wish list.” The ability to handle multiple states, multiple trades, and multiple unions all while synchronizing with the general ledger to properly track and allocate job costs was our number one priority. In addition, company liability has always been a great concern. With Payroll4Construction, our worries of meeting payroll tax deadlines are over. The liability has shifted away from our company and that is money well spent. To any company still processing in house payroll, or using another payroll service, you owe it to yourself to look into Payroll4Construction. You too could be working on your “wish list” rather than your “to fix” list.

Shane E Melton, CFO, Capital City Group, Inc.

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First, I would like to say how wonderful the staff is at Payroll4Construction. After being trained and supported by Julie, using the software is easy and the reports are so helpful. However, I believe the employees are what make my job so much easier. They are very knowledgeable and friendly, and they make my job more enjoyable.

Desiree Dobbert, Shelterbelt Builders, Inc.

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I have been dealing with Local 3 payroll for 32 years and I know how complicated it can be. I’d just like to let you know that my trainer, Pat, did a marvelous job. I went live this week and everything went very well.

Nick Stella, Controller, Quantum Electric Corp

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I have been using Payroll4Construction for over two years now, and they are by far the best company I have used in my five years of payroll. The response time is great; all calls are returned immediately, and there is also a “live person” answering the original call. Whether it is a technical problem or a tax question, there is always someone trained in the specific field that responds. They can also remote into my computer, which helps when we both need to be looking at the same thing. The ease of payroll entry — setting up jobs or employees — is very quick and simple. I can run reports, whether for job costing, workers’ compensation, or at an employee’s request, with ease. I usually have 2 or 3 payroll companies solicit me a month, and I tell them straight out that I am totally happy with my current company and would not consider changing. The price is great, the service is great, and I have no intentions of switching companies.

Tama Salvaggi, Bechter Plumbing, Inc.