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Our team of payroll experts is your perfect match for construction payroll. The romance is sparking with construction-specific payroll — providing access to multi-state and multi-locality options, automated pay rates for prevailing wage and so much more.

Payroll4Construction gives contractors more benefits than a generic service:

  • Submit your timecards and we will handle your (payroll) burdens of love
  • A+ customer service and TLC — we can answer your toughest payroll and tax questions
  • Find what you’ve been missing with free, automated construction reporting, checks and direct deposits, federal, state and local tax filing, quarterly and annual returns, W-2s and other year-end services
  • Automatic certified payroll as part of the service with electronic filing (eMars, LCP Tracker, DIRS)
  • Mobile timecard app for easy field timekeeping
  • Take the stress out of prevailing wage, union fringes and more — our experts have you covered
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From invoices to AIAs, reports, etc. . . . It’s all so easy. We couldn’t be happier about the choice we made. We save so much in time using this over other programs we’ve tried. It is EXACTLY what we need being in the construction business. It is so easy to get all sorts of reports we need, to create documents (invoices, etc.), and to get support when needed.

Sandra Columbo – Director of Operations
Alternalite Electric Inc.