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Do you have 100 employees? 200 employees? 800 employees? No problem! Payroll4Construction is here to help!

There are plenty of pain points when it comes to processing construction payroll for a large labor force. With more than 16 years of experience in the construction industry, Payroll4Construction has the features and experience to handle all the complexities of even the largest payroll!

Payroll4Construction offers more of the features contractors need, like:

  • Multi-union reporting and tracking
  • Automated reports, including certified payroll, EEO, new hire and more
  • Automatic calculations for pay rates and taxes for all trades, jurisdictions and jobs
  • Prevailing wage calculations and fringe tracking
  • Real-time job costing reports
  • Multi-state and multi-locality coverage
  • Support from live construction payroll experts who specialize in helping large company contractors

There isn’t a company — or pay run — that’s too large for Payroll4Construction to handle.

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We have a very complicated payroll for the simple fact that we are a multi-state, multi-union company. This means many different rates of pay, taxation tables and unions, as well as our administration and shop payrolls. Payroll4Construction has been able to handle this with ease.

Doreen Faust, Payroll Supervisor, Dearborn Mid-West Company