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Archive for the ‘Blog’ Category

Minnesota First to Establish New Felony Wage-Theft Legislation

Ahead of other states, Minnesota enacted a new law substantially amending current labor statutes, including wage and hour requirements, protections, and sanctions, as of July 1, 2019. Provisions amending criminal wage theft and sanctions take effect August 1, 2019. While the legislation has made headlines in the North Star State for being the first to […]

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Performing a Busy-Season Reassessment

With summer’s busy project season in full swing, this midpoint provides an opportunity to reassess your processes and make this season a success. Chances are, a lot of the finer details that were uncertain at the start of the year — like how many bids you might win and the number of additional workers you […]

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Institute of Construction Management Launches Industry-Wide 2019 Survey

Wednesday, May 15, marks the opening of the 2019 Construction Business Survey, compiled by the Institute of Construction Management and sponsored by 34-year construction tech and business veteran Foundation Software. The annual survey measures prevailing practices in business, project management and technology, across construction trades. Contractors who participate can enter for a chance to win […]

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Will Multi-State Taxes Get Simpler for Contractors?

In 2019, a bill is advancing to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance that could significantly change how construction employers who work in multiple states handle their payroll taxes. The proposed S. 604, currently known as the Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act of 2019, seeks to “limit the authority of States to tax […]

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A Construction Pay Stub Explained

If you do construction payroll, you know that it’s not always simple. Whether you’re dealing with prevailing wage rates, union benefits, taxes for multiple states and localities, or even just overtime pay, there’s a lot that goes into calculating the amount your employee receives. This can lead to questions from employees who wonder what all […]

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