Why Do We Claim We’re #1?

Experience, Capabilities, Technology

There are a lot of payroll services out there for businesses. What makes Payroll4Construction.com the #1 Payroll Service for Contractors®?

Payroll Processing
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Industry Experience

Payroll4Construction.com stands out with decades of experience behind it dedicated to the construction industry. Our support and processing staff is comprised of construction payroll and tax experts, who know the unique demands on labor-intensive contractors — including job cost, multi-state, multi-locality, multi-rate and prevailing wage payrolls.

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Construction Capabilities

As a job cost payroll service, Payroll4Construction.com lets contractors center their payroll around the project, without excessive data entry. Custom fringe, rate and tax tables enables users to key in basic timecard information and let Payroll4Construction.com handle the complex calculations automatically — even if an employee works on multiple jobs in multiple states with multiple trades, all on a single timecard! Payroll4Construction.com takes all of that data and easily produces job costing, standard payroll and certified payroll reports instantly.

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#1 Technology

Payroll4Construction.com’s processing and reporting runs on America’s #1 Construction Accounting Software® behind the scenes: FOUNDATION®. FOUNDATION harnesses Microsoft® SQL Server® technology to manage data securely, flexibly and powerfully over the cloud. Our technology enables convenient integration with numerous estimating, timekeeping, electronic reporting and Microsoft applications.

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