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Union Contractor

Union payroll is a large part of your back office’s weekly tasks, so you’ll love Payroll4Construction’s union-friendly setup and features.

Since our payroll service is built on solid construction accounting software, we handle things like union wage reporting automatically. It’s proven to save union contractors tons of time, money, and effort.

So what about the specifics? Can Payroll4Construction calculate deductions, fringes, changing pay rates, and multi-state/local taxes? How about different union halls? When using Payroll4Construction you just select the job and trade, and the correct wages will always default for union jobs (even when a contract expires in the middle of a pay period). We know your employees can work different trades, states, cities, and union jurisdictions (all in a single timecard), so our service is set up to automatically calculate the correct pay rates. Home/away logic makes it easy to calculate fringes and deductions when you’re working with a different union hall.

And best of all: Payroll4Construction’s powerful union reports make it easy to stay compliant with union wage reporting. All you do is login to your account and your union reports, plus certified payroll and others, are ready to download.

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