ReferUs! Program

Are you a happy user who has construction friends looking to outsource payroll? Tell us about them by submitting a referral card! We’ll determine if they’re a fit and notify you of the status.

If your referral qualifies* and purchases, we’ll send you a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Who is the typical client for Payroll4Construction? helps contractors of all sizes process payroll across all 50 states. Our typical client is looking for:

  • Union tracking and reporting, complex reporting, and prevailing wage requirements.
  • Automated construction reporting to eliminate confusing tax filings
  • Mobile solutions to bridge the gap between the field and office.
* reserves the right to exclusively determine what constitutes a Qualified lead. To be considered a Qualified lead, a referral may need to meet certain criteria related to, but not limited by, company size, trade, annual sales, budget, or whether the referral was already an established contract with reserves the right to cancel the ReferUS! Program at any time. All approved referral payments prior to cancellation will be honored. To be eligible for a referral payment, a Qualified lead must complete a full sale, as defined by

ReferUs Program