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Though our founding date is 2006, Payroll4Construction’s history technically starts in 1985 when founder Fred Ode programmed the first version of his construction accounting software, FOUNDATION®, and started Foundation Software – provider of America’s #1 Construction Accounting Software.

A few years (and numerous contractors worked with) later, a small seed of an idea took root: “What about a payroll service built just for the construction industry?”

Anyone that works within the industry knows how difficult construction payroll is — prevailing wage, certified payroll, union wage reporting and multi-city/state payroll — it adds up fast. However, a payroll service that could automate complex construction wage and tax calculations could change the game for so many contractors.

So Payroll4Construction was born.

Formed as subsidiary of Foundation Software, Payroll4Construction ran its first official payroll in 2006. Since then, through its philosophy of keeping a singular focus on the construction industry, the company has grown rapidly, now running payroll for contractors in all 50 states.

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