Did You Know Payroll4Construction Integrates with EPRLive?

by Alex Gray
July 7, 2022
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Last Modified: April 27, 2024

Simplify EPRLive Reporting with a Payroll Integration

There’s no way around it; payroll and remittance processing — especially for union contractors — can be complicated. From benefits offered to hours spent on the job, there are a lot of moving parts that contractors need to account for when submitting compliance reports. It’s an intricate process that takes time and careful consideration to ensure all requirements are being met for the job and proper documentation is being filed. That’s where services like EPRLive — or Electronic Payroll Reporting — come into play.

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EPRLive helps contractors simplify reporting and benefits processing for union contractors. And while EPRLive can help contractors save time and ensure better accuracy in the long run, getting extensive payroll data from your system into EPRLive can be a pain — unless your payroll is already set up with a direct integration with EPRLive — like Payroll4Construction.

For a contractor that’s newly tasked with filing EPRLive reports, it can be overwhelming to not only guarantee your payroll is correct and on time but also your reports are correctly filed. That’s why partnering with a payroll processor with an integration to EPRLive, like Payroll4Construction, can save your company time and money by removing the manual process of manually keying in reports.

An integration between your payroll processor and EPRLive can prevent losing full days’ worth of work on filing reports while minimizing mistakes made, literally with the click of a button.

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What Is EPRLive and Why is it Important?

EPRLive is a faster, more secure way to perform electronic payroll reporting for remittance processing. It offers companies better security while simplifying their remittance process, minimizing mistakes, and saving time on their reporting process — all in a way that can be customized to the company’s size, trade, and collecting/funding process.

Why Should Union Contractors Have EPRLive on Their Radar Now?

EPRLive is quickly becoming a popular format for union compliance reporting. EPRLive has also recently partnered with several trade associations — including NECA. As a result of these partnerships, many of these associations will now require EPRLive payroll reporting and remittance processing for new jobs.

With these changes in place, contractors need to become familiar with the EPRLive process now to keep their payroll process as efficient as possible. Familiarize yourself with what’s required for filing EPRLive reports and the process involved — and make sure your payroll staff is up to date as well. To simplify the process even further, look for a payroll service with a direct integration with EPRLive.

Payroll Integrations with EPRLive

Having a payroll processor with an integration with EPRLive, like Payroll4Construction, can help streamline your payroll and remittance processes even further— making it as easy as the click of a button in some cases. With Payroll4Construction’s integration with EPRLive, contractors can directly transfer payroll and compliance data, like payments and benefits offered, and directly upload it into EPRLive. This can save your payroll staff hours of time from having to rekey data from their payroll system into EPRLive.

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When you fully integrate your payroll and remittance processes together, you can fast-track your workflow and move on to other, more important tasks, like making sure payroll is sent out on time and accurately. You can simplify an already complex process, minimize mistakes with automated data entry, save time with open communication between your company and the reporting agency, gain outstanding support from all angles, and have the customization needed to meet your company’s needs.

See how Payroll4Construction integrates with EPRLive with a live tour.

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