Alex Gray

5 Years Serving the Construction Industry


Regional Sales Manager
Professional Bio:

Alex’s passion for sales began when he was working as a sales intern while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio University. After graduation, he became a software support representative at Foundation Software, eventually moving to an implementation specialist. He recently migrated to Regional Sales Manager, which combines all his talents and passions.

In his role, Alex specializes in serving large, commercial, union and prevailing wage contractors. Alex is trained to provide expertise on complex payroll issues, helping contractors with larger payroll problems. He works closely with companies that employ hundreds of contractors, have satellite offices and work in multiple states. His focus is ensuring that companies using Payroll4Construction are running their complex payrolls smoothly, efficiently and on time.

Throughout his day, Alex performs multiple demonstrations for companies with expansive payroll needs and helps ensure they’re getting the right solution for their business. He also speaks directly with contractors to better understand their unique needs and provide them with a payroll solution that handles their needs.

Alex understands how complicated construction payroll can be and strives to help clients save time and money on their payroll.

Personal Bio:

Alex enjoys spending time with his friends and family in his free time. He is also a huge Cleveland sports fan and tries to attend every game he can when he gets a chance.

  • Help clients save time and money on payroll
  • Simplify the overall payroll process for all clients

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