Case Study: Electrical Contractor Fixes Its Payroll Tracking Problems

by Alex Gray
March 11, 2021
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Last Modified: April 27, 2024

Brinton Electric has been a family-owned electrical contractor since 1946. Though they only have a dozen employees, they don’t hesitate to take on bigger jobs, says co-owner Christine Brinton.

“Our biggest job is coming in summer 2021. We do mainly commercial — mostly schools. We do a lot of government jobs,” Christine says. “We always try to make the customer happy. We try to make everyone involved happy.”

Despite satisfying their customers, Brinton Electric struggled with outsourcing, particularly with their payroll service. “We simply wanted to do a deferral to IRA,” Christine says. “Except our previous payroll provider was crediting our employee that money instead of debiting it.”

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Over $14,000 had been misallocated, causing an employee to receive an extra $50 each week that he should have owed. This went on for nearly a year, and to make matters worse, “they weren’t helpful”, she says. “The customer service was awful. You wouldn’t get anywhere because no one would give you an answer, no matter how many times that you called,” she says. “It was a headache. They didn’t call me back until I threatened to cancel.”

With trust in her previous payroll provider now broken, Christine sought out other options. “It was a snowball effect of errors and so many things that were wrong. We had to find something else,” she says. “Then, I received a little piece of mail that told me about Payroll4Construction.”

Partnering with Construction Payroll Pros 

Since they also work prevailing wage jobs, Brinton Electric needed to make sure whatever service they used could handle all their reporting complexities — they needed specific reports, and they needed them to be created easily.

After looking into the features and discussing the software, Christine was convinced that Payroll4Construction’s expertise in construction payroll could handle their needs and improve their payroll processing experience.

“When you’re doing payroll, you’re barely awake on Mondays, and it’s such a pain,” Christine said. “Payroll4Construction does prevailing wage reports, and not only do they have the report, but you can see what your employees are getting in their retirement plan, and your employees can see it, too. And they have the idea of what they’re getting in their IRA. It’s nice and convenient.”

Receiving Helpful, Timely Support

Her team also found the service customer-friendly and easy to use, so the training and implementation went well. “The transition was like we never made a change; it was smooth,” Christine says.

Then, there was the difference in support. Payroll4Construction’s support team was a remarkable improvement from their previous provider.  “Every time I’ve spoken with someone from Payroll4Construction, it’s been amazing,” she says.

Whenever her office had a problem or wanted to learn more about how to use the service, she noticed how quickly they got back to her.

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“I’ve made errors before with checks, and then, I’m like, ‘Wait! I didn’t put their overtime, or I’ve miscalculated,’” she says. “I had to make a correction on a check before, and they just walked me through it. It would’ve taken days to make the corrections and would’ve been a headache without Payroll4Construction.”

With their payroll through Payroll4Construction, Brinton Electric can stay focused on what they’ve been doing best since 1946 — keeping their customers satisfied.

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