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CA Contractors: Tips on new CMU for public work jobs

Finding a California Payroll Service for the Construction Industry The new compliance monitoring unit (CMU) created for prevailing wage jobs has left many California contractors scrambling to effectively produce the required reporting. Effective on all public work projects awarded after January 2012. The rules are lengthy, cumbersome, and come with large fines and penalties for non-compliance. […]

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Certified Payroll CAN Be Made Easy!

Find a Certified Payroll Partner Contractors doing government-sanctioned work know that creating Certified Payroll reports manually can be difficult.  In fact, many contractors may be avoiding prevailing wage projects because of the reporting requirements. But there are easier ways to automate the creation of Certified reports. Outsourcing payroll is one such way. In fact, some […]

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Construction-Specific Payroll Services DO Exist!

Construction payroll services for contractors Most companies, whether they’re construction or not, are familiar with big name payroll services.  These are great companies that can provide payroll services to many different types of industries, but they don’t necessarily provide construction payroll services. Construction payroll services are different from that of any other industry.  Most of […]

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