Payroll Solutions for Contractors – Easily Manage Tax Deposits And Filings

by Alex Gray
April 2, 2014
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Last Modified: April 27, 2024

Payroll Solutions That Help Contractors Manage Tax Deposits And Filings

Taxes can be confusing–especially if you’re a contractor working multiple jobs in multiple states and localities–all with varying pay and tax rates.  And with tax laws changing all the time, it’s getting harder and harder to abide by those rules and to avoid penalties. There is a solution, though!  Outsourcing payroll to a company that focuses solely on construction can handle federal, state, and local tax deposits and filing for you.

Eliminate filing responsibility and liability

Alleviate the burden and liability associated with taxes. handles your weekly, monthly, and quarterly tax deposits, manages tax deadlines, and assumes all responsibilities for meeting filing requirements.

Prevent common tax misconceptions that lead to errors

When it comes to taxes, it’s easy to misinterpret what to do. Take the payment of state unemployment when you perform work in multiple states or know when it’s necessary to pay resident tax versus work tax. These confusing scenarios can lead to incorrect payments. tax experts understand these intricate regulations and can protect your business from payment errors.

Avoid mistakes that cause costly fines and penalties

Missed deadlines. Filing errors. Skipped monthly tie-outs. Poor tracking. All of these common payroll mistakes lead to unwanted stress and costly penalties. performs monthly tie-outs to avoid problems at quarter-end, verifies the correct withholdings, and ensures that your tax filings are error-free, all while staying on schedule.

Keep accurate and secure records of all filings

Ever forget to make a copy or let documents stack up for filing only to find that you can’t find them when needed? keeps detailed records and copies of EVERYTHING we do. These files are organized and safely housed in a secure environment, giving you access should you need it.

Provide Peace of Mind That Your Taxes Are Done Correctly and Efficiently From the Start

The long-term effect of unnoticed tax errors can be devastating. can easily manage your tax deposits and filings so your taxes right from the start.

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