Case Study: An Electrical Contractor Takes Payroll From Good to Better

by Alex Gray
September 26, 2017
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Last Modified: February 6, 2024


Most people (and companies) will probably encounter a version of this sentence at some point in their career: “It’s not personal; it’s business.” That was what Massachusetts-based Pine Ridge Technologies, Inc. found themselves saying as the business was growing and its office staff realized their big-name payroll service was no longer going to suffice.

“It was great, and we had a great relationship with them,” remembers Michael Rocca, president. “But it wasn’t able to help us with construction-oriented things.”

Pine Ridge Technologies, an electrical contractor founded in 2005, is involved with mostly state municipality work, including the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Their typical projects include traffic signal installation and maintenance, rail and transit work, security enhancements, and digital advertising screens inside terminals. Two main areas they needed assistance with were union benefits and certified payroll.

So when a postcard advertisement came across his desk, even though it wasn’t the first time Michael had heard of, he knew the time was right. Pine Ridge Technologies researched and evaluated other payroll service options, and after led them through a demonstration, they knew they had found what they were looking for.

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A Noticeable Difference

More than two years later, Pine Ridge Technologies is extremely satisfied with their decision to switch. “What they advertise to be is really what they are,” says Michael. “They know what affects construction companies as far as payroll, and that is really nice.”, a payroll service built just for contractors like Pine Ridge Technologies, is designed to handle the intricacies specific to the construction industry. That includes multiple prevailing wage rates, certified payroll, fringes and deductions, different trades and tax jurisdictions, and more. also captures important information with every payroll, so reports such as US Department of Labor, new hire, EEO minority compliance, job costing, workers’ compensation, and more are available anytime.

“We’ve saved a lot of time doing certified payroll and job reporting, especially with labor costs,” explains Michael. Now they can cost out their fringes and workers compensation to each job. He also mentions that being able to enter different wage rates and easily edit them is very beneficial, especially when union tables change.

Used to working with a traditional payroll processor in the past, Pine Ridge Technologies’ staff has noticed a big difference in the response time with’s customer service representatives. “They’re much more helpful and attentive,” says Michael.

Of course, what also sets them apart from the support staff at general payroll providers is’s experienced knowledge of the construction industry and its payroll and reporting requirements. Having a construction-specific payroll service with construction payroll experts on their team alleviates worries and uncertainty for Pine Ridge Technologies’ staff, and that frees them up to work on bigger tasks — namely, continuing to grow their company’s success.

Today, with Pine Ridge Technologies and, it’s both business and personal.


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