Case Study: Bechter Plumbing, Inc. Takes Back Their Payroll

by Alex Gray
March 23, 2018
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Last Modified: February 6, 2024


People say construction payroll is hard. Really, it’s all about control. What controls the way you process payroll? A single fixed wage in your accounting software? A behemoth processing firm? Since Bechter Plumbing, Inc. partnered with, they control their own payroll.

“It’s so nice to be aP4C Quoteble to just get in and set stuff up on my end,” office manager Tama Salvaggi says, “and if someone needs to increase their withholdings or change pretax deductions, everything’s so easy.”

Prior to, Bechter Plumbing tried a couple of different arrangements to help outsource their payroll. One leading payroll processor was excellent at what they did — but they lacked key construction features like job costing, multiple rates and Davis-Bacon reporting. Next, a professional employer organization (PEO) helped them with benefits, but they found using it time-consuming and cumbersome.

“We would do so much prevailing wage work,” Tama explains, “and the rates would be different for each apprenticeship, trade, and locality. Back in that day, I was doing it manually and had to write them out in charts.” She adds, “That it takes care of our prevailing wage jobs, for me that’s worth anything.”

With, Bechter Plumbing now controls all of the variable rates and taxes from the timecard. How? The wage, fringe, and deduction calculations are automatic because all of the numbers are pulled from their database based on timecard information, like the employee, job, locality, trade, and more.

“I find the timecard entry so easy,” she says. “And it’s so easy to get help if you make a mistake. They always know who you are and get back to you right away.” So with timecards in the system, Tama just reviews pre-processing reports and submits their payroll.

Once it’s processed, electronic reports are sent to Bechter Plumbing, and she can save them directly to her computer. “I think it’s the nicest thing that when someone calls me and needs a pay stub or a W-2, oh my gosh, it’s so easy to get those for them.” Tama can also go into the system and access reports whenever she needs. “The job reporting is really nice to be able to go in and look up a job range and see how many hours someone worked there. It just makes everything so simple.”

It’s taken Bechter Plumbing time to figure out what works for them. It was hard for a while. But now they’ve found a solution that truly helps them control their payroll. “I hate changing things. I absolutely, positively hate change. But I cannot think of one negative thing,” she adds of “I couldn’t be happier. I’m just looking forward to running payroll. It makes life easy.”

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