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Payroll Tip: Take Back Your Vacation With Structured PTO

Take Back Your Vacation With Structured PTO Still waiting on that vacation? Summer may be winding down, but the holiday season is still in full swing. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the office filling out employee PTO rather than getting your feet wet at the beach, you’re not alone. Managing employee PTO can be […]

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Payroll Tip: Not Sure Where to Start? Start With Labor

Not Sure Where to Start Job Costing? Try Starting With Labor Successful job costing starts simple and develops as you put it into practice. Once you begin coding your timecards by job, the next step is to begin using cost codes (sometimes called “tracking codes”) to break your costs down into the next level of […]

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Payroll Tip: Run an Assessment Before Summer’s Busy Season!

Run an Assessment Before Summer’s Busy Season Now that the year-end crunch has passed and payroll’s been completed, it’s tempting to take a step back and relax. But any downtime before the summer is actually the perfect time to make sure you have your ducks in order. Taking the opportunity now for a self-assessment can […]

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Payroll Tip: Get Ready for Year-End!

Get Ready for Year-End! A lot goes into making every construction payroll run accurate, successful and compliant — especially at year-end. Between ACA information returns, W-2s, end-of-the-year close and holiday bonuses, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few points to keep on your radar. 1. Be Aware of Your Deadlines First, […]

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Case Study: Bechter Plumbing, Inc. Takes Back Their Payroll

  People say construction payroll is hard. Really, it’s all about control. What controls the way you process payroll? A single fixed wage in your accounting software? A behemoth processing firm? Since Bechter Plumbing, Inc. partnered with, they control their own payroll. “It’s so nice to be able to just get in and set […]

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